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Very rare Sharkstooth studded wand / sticksword

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Very rare Sharkstooth studded wand / sticksword possibly from the Kingsmill Islands (according to Stones Glossary of Arms and Armour). Sharksteeth are bound with fibretwine to the hardwood shaft. On either side of the teeth are 2 long thin sticks to hold the teeth in place, and this is all bound with twine. Numerous fish shark/ spine type teeth flanked by 3 larger sharks-teeth. Some teeth missing. Heavy chunky carved hardwood shaft with a sharp spike to one end and a bulbous pommel to the other end. Nice section of 2-tone platted reed type material to the base of the sharks-teeth. This item (and the other sharkstooth studded wand/sticksword) came from a collection of ethnographic weapons from an old family house and the ancestor was believed to be on one of the ships accompanying Captain Cook on his voyage (possibly been on the Endevour- however no written provenance of this). Overall length is 26.2 inches / 66 cm.

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