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15- Good Georgian Period naval sword Indo/Persian?

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15-  Good Georgian Period naval sword with nicely carved lionís head pommel made from (what looks like) bronze (or brass?). Nice age patina. The feral of the handle and the top of the scabbard mount are stamped with the Arabic numbers for 73 (٧٣). Long bronze (or brass) backstrap terminating in the lionsí face. Large brass collar with the stamped (mentioned above), D-shaped guard with a small fold down guard which doubles up as a clip to the scabbard throat (see pictures). The grip of the handle is made of ribbed dark horn (probably buffalo horn). All but 1 of the twisted wires on the grip are missing. Comes complete with leather scabbard with large bronze mounts and 2 hanging rings. Mounts are nicely formed (see pictures). The ricasso of the blade is also deeply carved with the Arabic number 73. Long slender spladroon type blade of 31.6 inches / 79 Ĺ cm. Blade has a large central fuller of 18 Ĺ inches / 47 cm to both sides. Underneath the D-guard just above the back of the blade and underneath the quillion is also stamped the Arabic number 73. Overall length in scabbard is 42.8 inches / 107 Ĺ cm.

(Also listed in British/European swords.)

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