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17- Indo-Persian Kula-kud helmet ,Very Rare In hat 18/19th cent

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17- Indo-Persian Kula-kud helmet 18 or early 19th century. 2 socketed Iron plume holders to the front of the helmet and a iron/steel central domed boss in the shape of a flower to the top. Protruding out of this is a bronze turned in a canon shape plume holder (comes with 2 black and one orange real ostrich feathers which have been added for display purposes). The top of the helmet is decorated with 4 brass or bronze katar thrust daggers which traditionally are the weapons of the kings. The rim just above the holes for the chainmail is decorated with bronze or brass strips which are nicely shaped (similar to lawn edges). On the front of the helmet in between the 2 plume holders is a little catch for the nasal bar which is now missing. There are 3 triangle sections of interlocking chainmail and the odd ring hanging from the helmet (see pictures). The helmet comes with its very rare inner hat or comforter which is made of red and blue cloth and very thin animal skin (possibly duckskin?) which has been stitched together and filled with feathers as padding. Around the edge there is embroided bullion work with what looks to be real gold or silver guilt thread in foliate patterns. Gold thread zigzag pattern bullion work along the edge and arrow head shapes above the embroided band. Lots of wear to this inner hat very delicate condition.


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