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14- Antique very early Indo Persian Bullova War Axe

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14- Antique/ very early Indo Persian War Axe also called a Bullova. Darkened iron flared axe head measuring 8 inches / 21.7 cm across and approx. 5 inches and 14 cm deep. Axehead is mounted on a dark hardwood shaft with 7 iron strengthening bands (5 near the head and 2 near the base). Base of the wooden shaft terminates in long iron point (5 inches long/ 12 cm). Top of the shaft has a 3 inch / 7 cm long ornately cast brass terminal which is set with a small flamed shape iron blade at the tip. Set in the wood shaft is a large piece of mother of pearl inlay (3 cm long). Overall item length is approx. 37.6 inches/ 94.7 cm. Item originates from approx. 18th century.



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