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Zulu Cheifs Assegai stabbing spear Ivory butt.Ultrarare one off

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- Rare Zulu chiefs spear, probably ceremonial spear. The spearhead (from flared base to tip 7 inches/ just under 20 cm long carved shaft up until flared base is 5 inches/ 14 cm long- combined length is 13.3 inches approx. / 34 cm) is ornately chiselled and formed along the length of the shaft, tapered down into pewter type fixing and a large iron collar with is ornately carved with zigzag diamonds and beaded type chiselling work. Metal collar is just under 3 inches long approx. 7 cm.  Long hardwood (ebony) handle with flares out at both ends and tapers down in the middle.  Dark wooden shaft measures 63 cm/ just over 23 inches. The lower part of the shaft flares out more than the upper part and is rounded off into a bulbous shape and has a large ivory base which has been turned and shaped nicely. Ivory shows old age cracks, also showing large old repair. The ivory base is 3 inches / 7 cm long. Overall item length is 44 inches / 112 cm. Overall in good condition item from the Zulu war period.

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