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Enfield 3 band percussion musket. dated 1862.Bullet in stock

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- Enfield 3 band percussion musket. The percussion lock is dated 1862 and stamped Enfield, behind the hammer is a Victorian crown and V.R , also stamped with crown with a war office arrow and 19 and later a double 1 or double i. The barrel is smoothbore not rifled which is often the case after the Indian mutiny when the British government did not want to issue rifled arms to colonial troops. The barrel has various proofmarks and is stamped with number 48 (see pictures). Has a brass buttplate with lots of dings and signs of age. Stock has an old crack to one side (old repair). Dark age patina to the wood overall. The end of the force-stock has a brass fitting complete with front sling swivel, its rear /lower sling swivel (which would have been mounted on the brass- trigger guard) is missing. It come complete with iron ramrod but this only goes down the tube approx. half way (halfway down the underside of the wood where the ramrod slides down is a pistol bullet stuck- 44 caliber?). Looks like soldier was shot at whilst loading the musket (approx. groin hight).


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