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Antique Russian Ottoman Caucausus Kindjal or Quamma.

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- Antique Russian / Caucausus / Ottoman Empire / Turkish/ Indo-Persian Kindjal or Quamma. The blade and the tang are forged from 1 piece of metal/steel. The handle is made from 2 slabs of nicely carved and shaped waterbuffalo horn attached to the handle with with 2 large domed iron stud-rivits. The flattened diamond sectioned blade has a narrow fuller/ bloodgroove to either side measures approx. 16 inches/ 41 cm. Overall dagger length is approx. 22 inches / 56 cm. Comes with its original wooden black leather covered scabbard. Scabbard has a nicely shaped iron hanging loop and strengthening strap. The scabbard has an iron chape end which is mostely covered in leather with a nicely faceted iron pommel/ chape end at the tip (see pictures). Overall length in scabbard is 26 inches/ 66 cm. In good condition with some signs of wear.

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