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Massive Russian Caucausus Ottoman Kindjal Quamma

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23- Massive Russian / Caucausus / Ottoman Empire / Turkish/ Indo-Persian Kindjal or Quamma sword circa 18th century early 19th century. All steel item with blade measuring 24 inches / just under 63 cm. Overall length is 31 inches / 79 cm. The blade looks to be a watered blade (can see watering effect all along the blade). A very deep fuller to each side which is offset adds to the strength while lightening the blade (see pictures). All steel large heavy handle which also looks to be made from damask steel. Comes with its original wooden scabbard which is covered in black cotton type cloth. Scabbard shows lots of wear , slither of wood missing from 1 side of scabbard and lots of wear to the cloth. Old age patina and staining on blade in places. Old age patina on scabbard. Overall length in scabbard is 31 inches / 81 cm.  - 575

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