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19th century Polish/ Bulkanís /Caucasus wolf axe for warding o

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14- 19th century Polish/ Bulkanís /Caucasus  wolf axe for warding of wolves. Also used in battles for fighting. Heavy tomahawk type head of 5 Ĺ inches / 14 cm across. The opposite side to the cutting edge has a hammer like section. Nice engraving to both sides of the head (see pictures). Cutting edge measures 2 inches / 5 cm. Has a hardwood shaft with lovely fire-burned stripes (like tiger-stripe pattern). The shaft is 32 Ĺ inches / 82 Ĺ cm long. Diamond sectioned spike tip at the base. The back of the shaft along 8 inches / 20 cm is decorated with sheet brass which is set with copper rings that rattle when the axe is shaken. The rattle is meant to ward of wolves. The head of the wooden shaft at the axe head is inset with a brass figure of 8. Overall length 34 ĺ inches / 88.3 cm.

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