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41- Antique Borneo head-hunters mandao sword dragon Blade

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41- Antique Borneo head-hunters mandao sword with a carved wooden handle. The handle is painted in red. 2 real black human hair tufts protruding from the handle (the longer one being approx. 34 cm / 13 inches long). The handle has a section of platted rattan in 2-tone effect. The middle section of the blade is carved in the form of a dragon with a long flame coming from its mouth. There is a makers mark and the letters BK on the blade. Towards the back section of the blade there are nice chisels with cuts and scrolls (see pictures) which is very intricate and difficult to make. 6 copper inlaid dots on the blade. Very sharp blade. Length of blade 18.3 inches / 46 cm. Comes with its wooden scabbard complete with platted rattan hanging strap. The scabbard has an extra bark scabbard to the back which houses a rare to find bi-knife which is used for scooping out the human brains (from the head trophy). The blade measures 3 inches / 7 cm. Bi-knife has a long wooden handle of 21 cm / 8 inches. Overall length of bi-knife is 11 / 28 cm.  The scabbard is nicely carved and has been painted red and green. There is a small amount of loss to the end of the scabbard exposing the tip of the blade. The overall length (not incl the hair) is 61 cm / 24  inches.



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