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Very Rare Borneo (or possibly Naga head-hunters) war axe (adze

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7 Very Rare Borneo (or possibly Naga head-hunters) war axe (adze axe). These type of adze axes were used as weapons and also to scrape away hair and flesh (to scalp) the skull of the head trophy. Iron axe head which is very sharp. The blade of an adze is set at right angles to the tool's shaft (like a hoe or plane), unlike the blade of an axe which is set in line with the shaft. The iron head looks to be hand forged and signs of folding can be seen. Axe head measures 6 cm / 2 inches across and 3 inches /7 cm approx. long (including the thick shaft part). Thick shaft part goes into wooden handle which is heavily bound with strips of rattan to hold the metal head in place. Hardwood handle is carved in an L-shaped fashion, the base/foot of the L is where the axe head is bound to. The wooden shaft is carved in a fashion that tapers down from the flared head towards the middle section and then flares out again towards the base which aids as a grip. Towards the base the shaft is deeply carved (see pictures). The base of the shaft is set with a human hair trophy (real human hair) length of hair approx. 16 inches/ 40 cm. The hair is two toned (black and copper tinged). Overall length (Excluding the hair) is 25 inches / 63 cm approx. Good dark age patina overall, very rare item. Item was probably used as a double-handed weapon.

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