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Large Moro Punal Kris dagger well carved blade

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Large Moro Punal Kris dagger well carved blade

12- Unusual Philipine Moro dagger . Hardwood scabbard and handle (looks to be mahogany or teak). Handle is nicely carved in a stylised animals head. At the base of the handle nearest the blade the ferrel or collar is made of the base of a large calibre bullet case (possibly from an American Crag rifle). Scabbard is nicely carved and shaped and is bound with platted vintage fishing twine. Back of the scabbard has iron hanging loop. Thick serpentine type blade deeply carved and chiselled on the backstrap and one side of the blade. Carved at the base of the blade near the handle as well. There is an age-crack on the base of the handle, a slither of wood missing on one side of the nose of the animal head. Overall good condition. Length of blade 9 inches/ 23 cm. Overall length in scabbard is 16 inches / just under 41 cm.


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