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21- pre-WW1 German cavalry troopers sword.

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21-  pre-WW1 German cavalry troopers sword. Probably captured during the 1st WW. At the base on the back of the sword is stamped crown W 13 (this is for king Wilhelm 2nd the 13 is for 1913). There is also another inspection stamp underneath that. On the underside / cutting edge of the blade at the base there is a letter F stamped in. On the scabbard throat there is an inspection stamp with a crown and a looks like a capital D facing the other way (mirrored). Heavy sturdy curved Cavalry blade with deep, wide hollow ground fuller for most part of the blade. Blade measures 75 cm / 29 inches. The blade has a few nibbles for the last quarter of the blade towards the tip. There is a sharpened back (false edge) of 4 inches / 11 cm. The grip looks to be made from some sort of hard composite (maybe early Bakelite). The handle is stirrup type with forward facing quillion and long languets. Comes complete with its original heavy steel scabbard. The scabbard at some point was painted black, now very worn. The scabbard has deep pitting overall. Some pitting to the metalwork of the sword hilt and the stirrup handguard is quite pitted. The scabbard has a large hanging loop and an oblong hanging loop at the side. Overall length in scabbard is 36 inches / 92 cm. 


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