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21- Early 19th century conti poss British prototype sword

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21- Early 19th century continental (or possibly British prototype) sword. The hilt is almost the same as a 1821 pattern light cavalry troopers sword, with grip made from sharkskin (shagreen) with bound twisted wire like the quality of an officers sword. The sharkskin (shagreen) is in very good condition. There would have been 13 strands of wire around the sharkskin but there are only 5 left (1 of them broken). Steel 3 bar half basket knuckle protector/ bow with a smaller side bar to protect the thumb. Forward facing top quillion. The backstrap and pommel is 1 piece of steel with long side ears. Metal feral at the base of the grip. At the bottom of the knucklebow there is a slot for a swordknot. The sword has a long slender straight blade with deep fuller to both sides measuring 32 inches / 81 cm. The blade has never been sharpened and the tip is slightly rounded (looks to be like that from the factory). At one side of the ricasso at the base of the blade is a small mark/stamp (possibly a nr 1?). Very dark (almost black) age patina overall. No signs of pitting. One ding approx. in the middle of the blade along the edge. Comes complete with a leather scabbard which is stitched at the back. The scabbard also has a very dark age patina overall. The scabbard has a large brass stud near the scabbard throat. The scabbard troat is cut and shaped like a V on both sides. The scabbard seems to be made for this sword as it fits like a glove. Overall length in scabbard is 38 inches / 97 cm.


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