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WW1 GVR1897 pattern British infantry officers sword.1

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- 1897 pattern British infantry officers sword. This sword was a considerable improvement on previous patterns in that the design afforded much better protection to the wearer’s hand through its new three-quarter basket hilt. Combined with the introduction of a more robust blade in 1892, it boasted a wicked thrusting point, and was soon proven in combat to be an effective infantry weapon. One alteration made in 1897, was the turning down of the inner guard to prevent fraying of the uniform. The South African War of 1899 also heralded the introduction of a universal brown leather field service scabbard (nickel plated steel was used for dress). This pattern of sword is still carried by serving British Army Infantry Officers. This particular sword, like the above, has a large pierced nickel / German silver guard, handle fittings and backstrap. The guard is inset with the kings crown and GRV cypher (George the 5th). There is a brass pommel/tang button. The grip is from black shagreen (sharkskin) with lovely copper twisted wire (all intact). Sturdy thick tapered blade with deep hollow ground fuller measuring 84 cm / 33 ¼ inches. The blade inside the fuller is engraved with foliate and geometric designs and Kings crown badge with sunburst behind it plus the GRV cypher to both sides. At the ricasso there is engraved a star of David and stamped ‘ proved’ (where the blasé has been tested) and the other side has the makers/retailers name and adress engraved ‘CH SUNDERLAND 28 NORTH JOHN STREET LIVERPOOL’. The base of the blade at the hilt has a large leather washer which stop the sword ‘clicking’ when it is put in the scabbard. Comes with its wooden leather covered scabbard, covered in brown leather. Aluminium scabbard throat. Scabbard has a leather retaining strap that clips on to the Sambrown hanging frog, the end of the strap is missing. The tip of the scabbard has a very large thick (later added- probably during the 1st WW) leather chape end. Overall length in scabbard is 40 ½ inches / 103 cm.



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