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Unusual 19th century socket bayonet.Remmington Rolling Block?

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 19th century socket bayonet with a hollowground tri-sectional blade that tapers down to the tip. The hollow grounding on the reverse of the blade is ground all the way through the stem between the blade and the socket unlike most other socket bayonets (like the P53 and the martini henry socket bayonet). Most unusual bayonet. I was told this was possibly for the Remington rolling block by a fellow collector and dealer. Stamped at the ricasso looks like a 1 and another symbol. On one side of the stem there is another makersmark or a letter D? On the side of the socket there is a serial nr 1679 and above that there is a symbol that looks like 2 crossed sickle swords (nearly making a circle). Overall length is 21 inches / 53.3 cm. Across the mouth of the socket is approx. 23mm.

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